About Readmore's Hallmark & Brunner News Agency

Reputable Family Business

Readmore's Hallmark is a third generation business that originated as a newspaper distribution service known as Brunner News Agency. It evolved into magazine distribution, retail bookstores and eventually Hallmark card & gift shops.
Today, we own and operate 6 Readmore's Hallmark stores, the Greenery Flower shop and the original Readmore Bookstore.
Brunner News Agency also continues its legacy as a distributor of magazines, Hard cover books, paperback books along with children's reading level, coloring and storybooks.
Readmore's Hallmark stores offer the largest selection of Hallmark Crown cards available and feature exclusive gift, apparel and Jewelry lines. Our associates take pride in assisting guests of our stores to find the perfect card and gift for any occasion.
Call or stop by one of our stores today for some great gifts ideas.